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Online Essay Writing Service: Safety and Confidence

Online Essay

Today online space is quite tricky, especially if talking about payments and services. Therefore, if a person needs an online essay writing service, there are a lot of things he/she should check before making a purchase. EssayBoo.Com has taken all the measures for its customers to order confidently.

Confident Ordering an Online Essay Writing Service at EssayBoo.Com

Here are the assurances for you. You can see that you are not taking any risks if paying for an essay with EssayBoo.Com

  1. Company`s Policies

    Our company has policies, which are being strictly kept. Those policies are not hidden and you can find the detailed and clear information on our website.

    • Revision Policy

      If you need any amendments to the completed paper, you can get them for free. Our writers are always ready to do the necessary corrections and adjustments.

    • Money Back Policy

      If you are not satisfied with the service received and revisions don`t help, you are welcome to ask for a refund for your order.

    • Privacy Policy

      Your personal information is never disclosed, so no one will ever know that you are our customer.

    • Plagiarism Free Guarantee

      All papers ordered with EssayBoo.Com online essay writing service are guaranteed to be 100% original.

  2. Ability to Get in Touch

    There are companies, which simply ignore its customers. This never happens with online paper writing service by EssayBoo.Com as we are available any time. Thus, you can contact:

    • Support Team

      Support team representatives are always friendly and nice, as well as professional and ready to resolve any issue effectively. You can contact the support team 24/7/365:

      • Via phone (at toll-free phone number);
      • Via e-mail (just send it to;
      • Via live-chat (check the window in lower right corner and type in your message to get an immediate response);
      • Via messages from your personal page (you can contact support team regarding your particular order having clicked on it on your personal area).
    • Writer

      Our writer`s team is also available round the clock. You can reach your writer from your personal area and ask about any writing issues or about your particular topic. Be sure to get the clear and fast response.

      “I never need to wait for long, as all my questions are answered and requests satisfied within minutes! I appreciate the service delivers”, Human Resources Management (HRM), “Organizational Threats”, 5 pages

  3. Secure Payment

    The payment aspect requires a particular attention if you don`t want to get scammed. Our online essay writing service accepts payments via payment systems, so we never get your payment details. Also, it is not necessary to have an account with the payment system used. This causes a number of benefits for you:


    Paying with Payment System

    Paying On the Website

    The essay writing company gets your card account details



    Additional hidden charges possibility



    The highest level of payment details security



    Additional verification of the company being non-fraud

    + (we have verified accounts with payment systems known worldwide)



    “I know that my account details are kept confidential and no third parties ever learns them. This is a good reason to order with writing company”, IT, Web, “Cyber Security Issues”, 5 pages

How to Order a Custom Written Paper Online with No Worries?

Online Essay

The only answer is - order with EssayBoo.Com! But if this is not enough for you to get assured, then:

  • Check Reviews and Google the Phone Number

    You can see what others say about our online writing service on the web. Also, you can start a search by our phone number, and you will see that there are no warnings about any scam activity.

  • Place a Test Order

    Try to request one page paper and you will be able to see the performance of our essay service on practice with minimum risk!

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