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Homework Help: Reasons to Request a Professional Assistance

Homework Help

Studentship is a great time, which is always associated with great and sometimes crazy memories. However, a modern students has time for nothing but doing assignments. Tons of homework is the only memory, and this should not remain like that. fights with this injustice offering a comfortable homework help online.

Why Students Actually Order Homework Assistance?

Mostly people thing that we deal only with lazy students with lack of motivation. However, our customers are not of that type. Our customers need homework help commonly because…:

  1. They Do Not Understand, What Is Required

    Professors are becoming more detailed in their requirements and more demanding while putting grades for papers. There are professors, which seem impossible to be satisfied. Therefore, to save the grades and improve academic situation, our customers place their orders to get assignments done brilliantly. By the way, a lot of them try to understand the assignment via communication with writer.

    “My professor is too sophisticated. There was only one case he was satisfied with what I submitted. That order was completed by! I will come back for sure”, Sociology, “Gender Role and Socialization”, 7 pages

  2. They Have No Time

    More and more students need to work to support their living nowadays. No need to explain that they get into tough conditions of constant lack of time. We offer our services for them to have time for more important tasks or simply to have some rest. From the table below you can clearly see the time savings!

    Average time spent

    Working on Homework without Help

    Working on Assignment with the Help of

    Writing from Scratch




    On Search of Sources

    5+ hours


    4 hours

    4 hours

    4 hours

    On writing an outline

    0.5-1.5 hours


    0.5-1.5 hours

    0.5-1.5 hours

    0.5-1.5 hours

    On writing your first draft

    3-4 hours


    2 hours

    3 hours

    3-4 hours

    On editing of it

    2-3 hours


    Up to 0.5 hours

    Up to 1 hour

    2-2.5 hours

    On proofreading

    0.5 hour






    14 HOURS


    8 HOURS

    9.5 HOURS

    12 HOURS


    “I am a working student, so time issue is important for me. I think it is wiser to spend a few minutes and get A than struggle for long to receive B. It is obvious why I order custom homework with essayboo”, Management, “Transformational Change Management Plan”, 2 pages

  3. They Are Not Good at Writing

    There are people, who are good experts in the field and have enough time. The only reason why they need custom homework help is that they do not know how to put their thoughts into a paper. This is a common issue for international students, who order homework help online as well. The writing skills get developed with experience, and you can be sure our writers have it.


How to Adjust Instructions for the Homework Help Order?

In addition to all of our benefits, we are also a flexible company. Therefore, if you need the order instructions to be somehow adjusted to instructions of your assignment, this is possible.

1st Case: You Have Not Paid for Your Order Yet

Before you have paid for your order it is easier to adjust the instructions.

Step #1: Log In

You should log in to your personal page and select the order, which needs to be edited.

Step #2: Change the Required Points

You can change any points you need. Please, note, that some changes will cause to change of the order total.

2nd Case: You Have Paid for Your Order Already

When your order is in process, there still some changes possible. For example, you may need your homework help delivered sooner, or more pages to be written.

Step #1: Contact Support Team

The support team will advise you how to apply changes better.

Step #2: Proceed with the Payment (optional)

If the changes require an extra payment, you will get the payment link to proceed with. After the payment is received, your new specifications for the homework help will be taken into consideration.

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I really appreciate your writer`s help on this paper. Management is my major and it was important for me to understand the assignment and get good grade for it