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Sometimes everybody gets into a situation, when time limit is pressing and academic assignment is far from being ready. Surely, such a situation is stressful, so EssayBoo.Com offers a good solution to save your nerves, time and grade. Contact us for details!

Adjustments of Our Service for the Urgent Orders

We understand the people, who need to buy essay online urgently, so a few adjustments have been applied to make the service more comfortable for them.

  1. Super-Professional Writers

    Urgent orders are assigned only to writers, who will cope with them in time and qualitatively with 100% guarantee and this was proven by evidence. Thus, our customers can always rely on us and purchase essays online with the shortest time frames with no hesitation.

  2. Well-Developed System

    After you have placed your order for buying essays online, you get a personal area on our website. It is perfect for tracking your order status, deadline and for a prompt direct communication with your writer. Thus, even if any questions occur concerning your essay writing order with short time frames, everything will be resolved shortly and effectively.

  3. Money Back Policy

    Money back policy assures you that there won’t be any lateness if you need to buy essays online urgently. Indeed, in case of late delivery we issue refunds to customers, and this practically never happens.

    “every time I get my paper long before deadline, so I do not need to worry at the last minutes”, Economics, “Taxes Calculation”, 4 pages

  4. We Are Always Understanding

    If you buy a paper online to be completed within a few hours, we understand, that the time should not be wasted and all of your requests should be satisfied for real quick.


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    Can you do my paper within an hour or two?

    Let us see your instructions. We will see if this is possible and if it is, we will do our best.

    No, there is a minimum deadline, which is longer than 2 hours.

    I have ordered a paper a few days ago and the deadline has not expired yet. Can I get it sooner?

    Sure, let us shorten the deadline and send you the payment request for the difference.

    No, you should cancel this order and place a new one.

    Can you revise my paper for real quick?

    Yes, we are contacting your writer right away.

    Not faster than within a few hours.

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How to Buy Essays Online with Extra Short Deadlines?

We will be glad to help you in emergency cases. What deadline can you set for the emergency essay writing?

Case #1: You Have 4 Hours or More

In such case you can just place a regular order. Under the deadline suggestions you can see 4 hours deadline, choose it and be sure that we do everything properly.

“I was surprised that 4 hours deadline is a common situation for your service. I bought essays online before, but this is the first time I am truly impressed by the professional service even thought the time frames were short”, Marketing, “Modern Marketting Possibilities”, 8 pages

Case #2: You Have Less Then 4 Hours

A help in this case is most likely possible as well. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Contact support team saying that you need to buy essays online urgently and show your instructions

Step 2: Fill in our order form with your instructions and select 4 hours deadline.

Step 3: Get the payment request for an extra payment and proceed with it to buy essays completed faster.

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