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Sex Education Essay: Which Side Do You Take?

Everything in our world has two sides: the good and the bad one. If one can find he equal number of arguments for both those sides, a dilemma appears. Sex education is one of such controversial issues and you will know this better if you were assigned to write a sex education essay.


What Is Understood under ‘Sex Education’?

Sex education is the set of lessons at school, which tell students about the safe sex and other related stuff they should know about. Such classes are gender oriented, so boys and girls are separated into groups due to difference in information.


Contradictive Nature of the Sex Education Issue

There are two main points of view on sex education issue. Some people are against its introducing at schools and others are for it. There cannot be a correct or wrong opinion, since both sides have well-supported and valid arguments.

       1. Arguments for Sex Education

Sex education is useful and should definitely be included to the school program – here is what a certain part of parents say. Also, they name the following arguments to prove their point:

  • Children Get a Proper Information from Reliable Sources

It is much better for children to get the information about sex at schools rather than on streets. There are a lot of myths they can trust to, so in order to make their behavior better and introduce to their safety, teachers can tell everything that they need to know.

  • It Is High Time to Tell Students about Sex

School time is the time, when students experience the changes in their bodies and organisms, so I is high time to explain them what is happening and how to deal with this.

  • Decreasing Social Issues

Being well-informed, students are less likely to cause some social issues, such as abortion, early pregnancy, single parent families etc.


       2. Arguments AGAINST Sex Education

Sex education does more bad than good, say the others. And after having heard their arguments, it is also difficult to say that they are wrong:

  • Extra-Curriculum Activity

Sex education is often an extra-curriculum activity, which shows, that issues concerning sex are less important and should not be taken serious. This is a completely wrong approach.

  • What about Emotions?

A lot of attention is being paid to safety, anatomy and physiology, but less attention is paid to emotional side of the issue. Actually, it is difficult to talk about emotions in common, but still such an approach puts emotions on the second place.

  • Property of the Sex Education

Usually, teachers, who teach while sex education classes are not the experts in the field. It is quite difficult to tell the information without any psychological trauma. When students laugh, this is more of an act of psychological protection, and only a psychologist knows how to deal with this.

  • No Democracy

There are people of some other religions, which are prohibited to visit such classes by their religion beliefs. Also, some people with non-standard sexual orientation will feel oppressed, as only traditional information is usually provided. The gender division later can contribute to the gender discrimination.


Help in Supporting of Your Thoughts

Whatever side you take, there is always a possibility to hire the writer, who will help you to support your point of view qualitatively and with the proper sources.

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