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How to Write a Critical Lens Essay: A Brief Explanation

Do you face a situation, when you need to complete an assignment, but you have no idea how to write a critical lens essay? This short guideline will help you to figure out quickly and complete a proper essay.


Looking through a Critical Lens

To complete a critical lens essay there is no need to look for a physical lens. This is a metaphoric name for a quote or saying given under your assignment instructions. A critical lens essay is an essay on Literature, where you need to review 2 literary works from the certain aspect set by a quote. So, before you start writing a critical lens essay, you should pay attention to the following aspects of your instructions.

       1) Quote

There is a certain saying you are to deal with.

       2) Sources

There are primary and secondary sources needed. Primary sources are those two literary works to be reviewed and secondary is the critics for them. Sources may be indicated under assignment requirements, but if they are not, you should search by yourself.

       3) Words/Pages Limit

Some professors deduct points for too many or not enough words completed for an essay, so check the number of pages required to be written.

       4) Formatting

While writing a critical lens essay, you will often deal with quotes. Check the formatting style to cite them properly.


What Parts Should a Critical Lens Essay Have?

Obviously, there will be an introduction, body and conclusion. However, we are telling about the specific elements of your critical lens essay, what define its type.

       1. Understanding of Quote (Explanation)

Your essay should have the actual quote and your explanation of it at the beginning. Therefore, your reader will understand, what the essay is going to be about in the next paragraphs. Make sure that you put your thoughts into the paper clearly and logically, as proper understanding of quote much influences the success of the whole essay.

       2. Examples & Quotes

All the ideas you include should be supported. As you are reviewing literary quotes, you can include some direct quotes to be exact and clear. Do not forget to indicate, that this is borrowed text in order to avoid issues with plagiarism.

       3. Conclusion

A conclusion of your essay should be specifically based on the thesis statement, on the quote and on the findings you have come to in body paragraphs. Actually, you should confirm, that your purpose set in introduction, has been successfully reached and you have proved your thoughts fully.


What Should NOT Be in Your Critical Lens Essay?

There is a common mistake, that students make writing a critical lens essay. Actually, they include a brief summary of the literary works reviewed. It is necessary to understand, that the full summary of a plot is not required. You are required to pay attention to a certain aspect only, which deals with the same issue the quote does.


Critical Lens Essay Assistance

If you are not good at Literature or you do not understand the critical lens essay requirements, you should not fail with the paper. Contact our support team representative and we will find an expert, who can help you to complete a perfect paper. Furthermore, he will teach you how to write a critical lens essay for future.

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