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Specifications for an Argument Essay about Abortion

Modern sociology issues are worth to write about, since most of them somehow deal with our life. The number of modern views on life and its contradictory issues forms the philosophy of our time. It is necessary to express your position. Thus, you may be required to write an argument essay about abortion.


Argument Essay about Abortion: How to Make It Better?

It seems that too many papers have been written on abortion so far and nothing new can be included to an essay. However, there are still some hints on how to make your argumentative essay better.

           1. Your Personal Opinion

Nothing can be more fresh and specific than your personal point of view on issue. Therefore, do not feel shy to speak your mind. Basically, the whole argument essay about abortion should be built on your beliefs and supporting information for your statements. You are to be confident in what you think on abortion.

            2. Your Specific Examples

To be convincing an argument essay on abortion needs to have examples of various kinds. Actually, it will be good to combine some statistical data (properly cited and from reliable sources) with some real life situations. Moreover, as abortion is a moral issue, you can try to influence your audience emotionally having included some shocking stories.

             3. A Proper Structure

This may sound common, but still a lot of students lose their grades for simply not having a pure essay structure. The thing is, that structure is not only the way your paper looks like. It has a great influence to clarity of paper. Also, not long sentences and paragraphs can be understood easier, so your reader will follow your idea flow better.


Arguments for an Essay about Abortion

There are a lot of arguments you can use for your argument essay about abortion. Obviously, they depend on the side you take in this issue. However, you should be aware of all the arguments to support yours and to attach the opposite.

                     1. Arguments FOR Abortion


  • Women, Who Didn`t Do Abortion Most Likely Experience Tough Life

Women, who got refusal in abortion usually stay unemployed, supported by welfare. Also, as they cannot be independent, such women usually are the victims of domestic violence.

  • A Baby Should Be Wanted

A baby, who is unwanted, will feel the lack of love and won`t be brought up appropriately.

  • Woman Should Have a Right to Control Her Body

Each woman should have a reproductive choice as it is her right to control and be responsible for her body.

  • Fetus Is Not a Personality

The fetus is not a personality, so abortion cannot be considered as killing. Moreover, the modern abortion procedure is developed well-enough to avoid any pain to fetus.


                    2. Arguments AGAINST Abortion

  • Abortion Is Killing

Abortion is killing a human being and this decreases the value of life and contradicts the norms of religion.

  • Abortion Causes Health Issues

Abortion causes significant health and psychological health issues for women, so they have definitely a negative effect.

  • Abortion Is Not Contraception

Women should be more responsible and prefer contraceptive means to abortion.

  • Abortion Contradicts the Right of Life Each Person Has

Actually abortion is a violation against the right an unborn child had.


More Information on How to Write Argument Essay about Abortion

If you search for more arguments and some interesting facts to back them up, our writers are at your disposal.

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